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Les origines de la Lumière Led, ou la révolution lumineuse (article en Anglais)


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article sur Shuji NAKAMURA

Article tiré du "solidstatelightingdesign" modifié et bientôt traduit en Français
Professor Nakamura, professor and the University of California Santa Barbara and former Nichia
His breakthrough is often compared with Thomas Edison the inventor of the light bulb winning Finland’s Millennium Technology Prize of 1.0 million Euros donate a portion of the money to the Light Up the World Foundation.

His breakthrough was, a blue LED coated with a phosphor or light conversion technology emits white light. White LEDs (also known as solid state lighting) are touted as the future of lighting around the world.

The Light Up the World Foundation is a humanitarian organization based in Canada, which is dedicated to bringing safe, affordable, and efficient lighting to an estimated 2 billion people worldwide who do not have access to adequate lighting. According to the organization, merchant and micro-credit initiatives make it possible for the poor to obtain products at the same cost as their present monthly lighting fuel bills. When the foundation gives someone adequate lighting for their home, people can have a time and place to begin a process of educating themselves beyond their farm work jobs which often last from sunup to sundown

According to Professor Nakamura, we have only just begun to explore the vast number of opportunities presented by applications using LEDs and lasers.

This is not just a source of light that makes enormous energy savings possible, it is also an innovation that can be used in the sterilisation of drinking water and for storing data in much more efficient ways." Millennium Prize Foundation News Release






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